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The Central Ohio Cowboys shoot the fourth Sunday of every month, at Pickaway County Sportsmen Inc., located in Circleville, Ohio

There are 2 session. Registration for the morning session opens at 9:00 am. Mandatory safety meeting at 9:30.  Registration for the afternoon session opens at 1:00. Mandatory safety meeting at 1:15.  Match starts immediately following safety meeting.

Cost: $10 per shooter, juniors shoot free.  

Safety is #1, Fun a close 2nd!  All SASS rules apply.
Eye and ear protection required.

Firearms requirements:
-Two single action pistols, .32 cal or larger (.22 for juniors)
-One lever action, or pre-1899 pump action rifle with exposed hammer, in pistol caliber 25-20 or larger
-One single barrel or double barrel shotgun, no ejectors, in 20 gauge or larger, or pre-1899 pump action or lever action shotgun with exposed hammer (i.e. Winchester 1887 or 1897)

​-22 Pistols and rifles are allowed. The club has extras you can use. You need to bring your own ammo.

Ammo requirements:
-Lead bullets only, no jacketed, semi-jacketed, hollowpoints, or gas checks
-1000 fps max for handguns, 1400 fps max for rifles
-#6 or smaller shot (7 1/2 or 8 preferred)
-Minimum 60 rounds pistol, 60 rounds rifle, and 25-30 shotgun 

For more info please visit  www.sassnet.com